GlamAR (Virtual Try-on)
An augmented reality platform for trying a virtual makeover using your device
oragnization-icon Developed by Fynd
Extension Features
feature-tick-icon Lipstick try-on
Your customers can try their favorite lipstick brands with the help of Augmented Reality. Try glossy, matte, velvet, metallic, and shimmer finishes.
feature-tick-icon Blush try-on
Give your customers the best-in-class blush try-on for that extra glow.
feature-tick-icon Eyeliner try-on
Help your customers try various eyeliner colours along with styles like winged eyeliner, cat-eye eyeliner, and more.
feature-tick-icon Eyeshadow try-on
Engage your customers with hyper-realistic and stunning eyeshadow looks in real-time.
More About GlamAR (Virtual Try-on)

Say no to experimenting with toxic cosmetics on yourself!
Lots of makeup may clog or irritate your delicate skin.

GlamAR helps you decide what suits you the best! It is an augmented reality platform to get a seamless try-on experience by using your device camera, built-in models, or your stored pics. Engage your customers with our realistic and versatile try-on solutions.

You can try different shades and styles for your virtual makeover:

  • Lipstick
  • Blush
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow 
Choose the best pricing plan for your business
Lipstick try-on
Blush try-on
Eyeliner try-on
Eyeshadow try-on
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