Modern Price Ladder
Customize product price based on its quantity in the cart
₹99 / month
oragnization-icon Developed by Fynd
Extension Features
feature-tick-icon Fixed and Percentage Ladder
Set customised prices or percentage discounts for every step of the ladder
feature-tick-icon Flexible Inclusion and Removal
Add or remove products from an ongoing ladder promotion
feature-tick-icon Easy Scheduling
Set precise start date and flexible end date along with timings
feature-tick-icon Activate/Deactivate Anytime
With one toggle, make a ladder promotion active/inactive on-the-go
feature-tick-icon Track Errors and Issues
Get a CSV file in response whenever a ladder promotion fails/succeeds
feature-tick-icon Get Additional Sales
Your customers get a better deal upon purchasing extra quantities
More About Modern Price Ladder

Modern Price Ladder helps you fix the price of the product depending on the quantity added by your customers to their cart. There are 2 ladder types:

Fixed - If you’re selling a packet of wafers for ₹50, you may allow a customer to purchase 5 quantities for ₹45 each, thus giving a discount of ₹5 per packet. And you can sequentially add steps to the ladder, for e.g. 10 quantities for ₹40 each, 30 quantities for ₹35 each, and so on.

Percentage - If you’re selling a cake for ₹500, you may allow a customer to purchase 2 quantities for a 10% discount. And you can sequentially add steps to the ladder, for e.g. 3 quantities for 15% discount, 4 quantities for 20% discount, and so on.

Other Features:

  • Sample CSV available for swiftly filling the ladder prices
  • Response CSV available for tracking issues (if any)
  • Provision to add or remove a product from an active ladder pricing promotion
  • Scheduling the promotional period, i.e. start date and end date
  • Extending or cutting down the end date of the promotion

Note: Ladder-related discounts apply to the MRP, and the selling price will not be determined from the inventory during the promotional period.

Choose the best pricing plan for your business
Monthly plan
₹99 / month
Customize selling prices
Decide percentage off
Unlimited ladder steps
Live price update
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