Sell on Magicpin Marketplace with realtime inventory & order sync
oragnization-icon Developed by Fynd
Extension Features
feature-tick-icon Location & SKU Mapping
Maps locations and Product SKU's between Trell & Fynd Platform System.
feature-tick-icon Sync Inventory
Allow realtime inventory sync across sellers on Trell Marketplace with easy management
feature-tick-icon Export Logs
Export logs support for inventory updates in realtime as well as in fulltime.
More About MagicPin

MagicPin Marketplace extension

Enable more online presence by adding Magicpin, just send inventory to fynd and we will take care of providing it to Magicpin marketplace


  • Location and SKU Mapping
    • Configure location between Fynd platform and Magicpin Marketplace.
    • Map product sku's between Fynd & Trell Marketplace.
    • Filter Locations/Products on Active/Inactive basis.
    • Download and Upload Inventory on Active/Inactive basis. 
  • Sync Inventory
    • Allows merchants to manage real-time inventory sync to Trell Marketplace.
    • Automated inventory sync to Magicpin Marketplace once daily.
  • Export Logs
    • Download logs for synced inventory in realtime

Upcoming Features

  • Discount on Products.
  • Analytics and Reports.
  • Catalalog Transfer
Choose the best pricing plan for your business
.1-Real-time inventory to Trell.
2-Bulk store mapping and product mapping update.
3-Export logs for synced inventory.
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