Product Recommendation
Sell more with Product Recommendation, Unlock your perfect pick!
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Extension Features
feature-tick-icon Product Sync
Auto-sync your catalog into recommendation storage
feature-tick-icon Webhook Listeners
Auto-updates with the addition of new products and product updates using webhooks
feature-tick-icon UI Configuration
Tons of configuration options to make recommendations look whichever way you want
feature-tick-icon Lots of Recommendation Type
Lots of recommendation types to choose from like recently launched, brand, etc
feature-tick-icon Similar Products
Leverage advanced AI to discover products similar to favorites
feature-tick-icon Frequently Bought Together
Boost your shopping IQ with AI-powered suggestions of frequently bought
More About Product Recommendation

Introducing "Product Recommendation," extension that revolutionizes your customers shopping experience! With cutting-edge AI technology, it offers a comprehensive array of features to ensure your customers make the perfect purchase every time.

  1. Brand: Discover top-notch products from favorite brands effortlessly.
  2. Category: Find the best products handpicked for specific needs and interests.
  3. Price: Get personalized recommendations based on budget and preferences.
  4. Vendor: Choose from a wide range of trusted vendors for ultimate convenience.
  5. Specifications: Match exact requirements with products that fit like a glove.
  6. Recently Launched: Trendsetteting recommendations about the latest launches in the market.
  7. Wishlisted Products : Explore products always dreamt of owning, now just a click away.
  8. Most Compared: See the most compared products and make an informed decision.
  9. Similar Products: Leverage advanced AI to discover products similar to favorites.
  10. Frequently Bought Together: Boost your shopping IQ with AI-powered suggestions of frequently bought together products.

So, why wait? Elevate your shopping game with Product Recommendation and unlock the power of perfect picks at your fingertips. Embrace smarter shopping today!

Choose the best pricing plan for your business
Recommendation based on Brands, Category
Price, Specification recommendations
AI based Similar Products
AI based Frequently Bought Together
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